Episode IV: A New Hope

A lot has been going on since my last post in 2018.

Hard to ignore an Olympic Gold medal win.  I was on my way to Appleton to curl in a bonspiel, waiting to get on the plane when we won -- and I saw it via airport WiFi.

I also had a long frustrating run with arena ice.  I was curling very little during that time, and falling out of love with the game.

2020 found us in a pandemic, and that stopped almost everything.  Almost.

While we were trying to stay safe and arguing over vaccines, an intrepid band was working on a dream.  That dream looks like this:

I'll be writing more, but we're now playing in the biggest curling facility west of the Dakotas.

The ice just keeps getting better.

I'm falling in love with my sport all over again, now that I can curl against the other team and not against ice that isn't close to flat or level.

Posted September 4, 2021