First match!

This time, I have to start with a picture:

It's May 3rd, and the drop-in session starts at 7:45pm.

I arrive, and I'm introduced to Gail, Gordon and Eric -- I'll be with them tonight.

I thought it was only fair to start with a warning, "This is my first game."  Big smiles all around.  They made me feel quite welcome.

They ask me what position, and when they see the bewildered, deer in the headlights look, decide I'll go second.  Eric will be lead, Gordon at Vice-Skip and Gail calling the shots as Skip.  I'm just nervous about getting a stone somewhat close to the house.

Our opponents?  Junior League hockey coaches from the Rink.  Fun guys, far more comfortable on the ice than I am, but most of them clearly were used to skates.

... and they had one ringer.  You can tell players by their shoes. 

Most of the people there are using these flip-flop sliders provided by the facility.  A few, have proper curling shoes with a gripper on one foot, and a teflon slider on the other.

We get started, I get past my two rocks in the first end, and I'm starting to relax a little.  Those first shots weren't bad, and I did explain that I was trying to throw a guard (which, correctly, no one really believed).

Then, it happened. My first rock in the third end, and due to skilled and vigorous sweeping, I've got a rock in scoring position!  Crummy cell-phone picture above to prove it!

... and it was still there at the end of the end.

We lost, 6-5, but it was a tremendous amount of fun, and I really appreciate Gail, Gordon and Eric putting up with a rookie.

That was a week ago, and my next opportunity will be Saturday, when the next League begins!

Posted May 13, 2010, Updated February 15, 2011