Second week

Last night was our second game, and it's another change.

I think we had decent ice last night -- at least it felt fast.  Ryan did the pebbling and I want him to keep pebbling as often as possible.

I wrote some time ago about curling shoes, and how they changed my delivery.  I added a knee slider, and it's another big change.  (Thanks to Steve's Curling for prompt shipping!)

I have a strong tendency to drop my knee onto the ice.  That makes me slow down well before the hog line.  If you can slide with the stone as long as possible, you've got a better chance of a clean delivery.

The knee slider does that.  I'm sliding well past the hog line, and I think I'm much more balanced.

Still, it's a change, and I spent a lot of time last night getting used to the change.  My last few rocks felt good, even if they weren't entirely perfect.

We had our full team last night, and I played "vice" -- I'm trading off between vice and second this league.

It's all learning.  If I did the math right, I've thrown a bit over 400 rocks in matches, and swept three times that.  It's a start.

Posted November 7, 2010