We begin again

Last Saturday marked the beginning of our Fall/Winter 2010 league, and we're off to a somewhat rocky start.

Our Skip has been heavily involved in the mid-term elections, and our first game (Saturday) was on the final weekend before Tuesday's election.  She was tired.

I've been taking care of my Mom as she recovers from a fall (she's doing well, thanks!), so I was pretty tired.  A routine is beginning to settle.

Our lead was under the weather, so we're starting out with a sub. 

Our Vice (more on that shortly) took full advantage of the fact that the following day was Halloween.  I wish I had a picture.

We lost (fairly thoroughly) but it is early, and we have no where to go but up.

Speaking of Vices, I'll be playing Vice for half of our games this League.  I bought a new pad for my broom: the new pad is Gold, and I'll use it instead of the black pad (and black and gold handle) that didn't show at all against navy blue pants.

I read several articles about the growth of Curling in the U.S. since the 2010 Olympics.  In the past seven months, there are seventeen new Curling Clubs.  Much of that growth is in places like California and Oklahoma.  USCA staff talks about how "Curling Season" is starting now (in October), and we finished our "Fall League" in September.

That's the pattern in warmer states: in the northern states they abandon Curling for Golf and in the southern states we play both sports year round.

The USCA estimates that 50,000 people have been to Open House or Learn-to-Curl events this year.

The biggest growth: "Arena Curling" -- clubs playing on the same ice as Skating and Hockey.  I'm still looking forward to seeing "dedicated ice" but that is still in the indefinite future.

April 15-17th is the Desert Ice Bonspiel which is definitely on my Bonspiel list.  I'm also watching the Granite Curling Club calendar -- the closest dedicated ice.

A final note, but perhaps the most important: our club formed rather informally, and the big organizational news is "we're going to be organized!"  Film at 11:00.

Posted November 4, 2010