Miracle on Ice...Curling Style: Hot Buttons vs. Millar Time

Sometimes things happen, and we can't be everyplace we'd like to be.  I missed this game, but Skip Misha's description is marvelous.

So, without further delay, here is a "guest" article:

We traded point for point until the last ends when Millar Time pulled two points ahead going into the last end. With smart strategy their skip asked their lead to through through the house...a dire problem for Hot Buttons if no stones are sitting for the chance to make up the deficit...and then the first miracle...two of our stones sitting guard. Millar Time tried to put stones behind the guards and it looked grim for Hot Buttons until our Vice Skip throws a pick and roll and I sweep furiously and pull the stone into rock position and pray that even though it sits open, it will stay. Second Miracle. Team Millar misses wide and the stone sits. Now it's my turn. I put a second stone into the 8 foot...meant to throw a guard to raise for the hammer...but we're now sitting two...fingers crossed, we need them to stay. . I take a breath and aim. trying not to put too much on it. Release, and CRAP, not enough on it. The stone doesn't look like it'll cross the red line (halfway mark). I'm walking behind the stone, shouting uselessly at it and my team is sweeping their brains out trying to get to the hogline. It doesn't seem possible, but we have Sean Krause subbing and Brenna Duncan our fabulous lead, and BEHOLD - the MIRACLE ON ICE: the stone continues without fading all the way to the 8 foot and WE SIT THREE! We win, I still can't believe it and am thanking the Curling Gods, my amazing team, and our unbelievable luck. A night to remember!

Posted May 15, 2012