A Year in the Life of a Curler -- Anniversary Edition

I was going back over some of the earlier pages on the site, remembering some of my earlier posts, and I came across this page, which is one of the first I wrote for Cold Rocks, Hot Brooms.

It describes my first (intentional) encounter with ice, and my first Class.  That class was on February 27th, one year ago today.

I haven't written a lot this league.  Sometimes things get busy.

I love my team.  I've played on the same team since the second-ever OCCC league, some players have come and gone during that time.  A few of my former rink-mates have moved to other rinks, some have quit playing, and we have a new player in his first league.

Last night was the fourth game of the 2011 Winter league, and while we're not in the cellar, 0-3 is pretty close.

We started off with 1 in the first end, and our opponents answered with a huge 5, followed by 2 in the third. 

We answered with 4 in the fourth,  2 in the fifth and one more in the sixth and seventh.

The final score, we won 9-7.

One change with the two draws: when there was only one, we played 8 ends, and didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the clock.

Now there is an incentive to keep each end to 15 minutes or less -- when the bell rings, you finish the end and play one more.

We've yet to play 8 ends this league.  We're going to have to watch that more closely.

Posted February 27, 2011