How time flies!

I can't believe I missed writing in 2017.

I didn't stop thinking about Curling -- next league, next bonspiel but life happens too.  So does the Winter Olympics.

If you go back to the earliest pages on this site, you'll find my roots as a curler.  I watched in 1996, I knew the basics, I'd seen it before, but it went back on the bucket list things to do.  There was no curling in Southern California.  The next Winter Games were different, and so was SoCal.  I started curling that winter.

By the 2014 Winter Games, I was busy teaching new curlers while the Olympics were on.

I missed writing in 2017, but one of the things I did was renew my instructor certification, so I'm ready to teach again during my third Winter Games as a curler.

Most of the almost 8 years I've been a member of at least two curling clubs.  While Hollywood remains my home club, I'm also a member at Appleton -- two thousand miles away.

In 2017, for the first time, I took a small break from Curling.  Planning a wedding and getting married takes time, and we are very happy.  Maile watches curling, and supports my obsession.

I completely missed talking about Broomgate!  Lots of interesting information has come out of controversy.

... and the games are almost here!  The trials were hard to watch because when you travel you meet (and curl with) other curlers, and some of those people are very good.  I have friends on all three Team USA curling teams, but more that did not get to go.  Thrilled and disappointed.

More soon, stay tuned.

Posted January 21, 2018