Hot Buttons -- Spring 2013

The Saturday after Applespiel was the first night of the Spring league at the Orange County Curling club -- my 6th game in 8 days.

Unfortunately, we suffered some ups and downs, and finished this league near the middle, but that isn't the thing that brings me back to this team -- or why when I say "my team" I'm always completely clear in my mind.

Sure, I'm proud of my Wednesday Night Hollywood team and what we achieved in seven short weeks, and I enjoyed playing with Debbie and Val and Kate on Sunday nights.

When I think of "my team" it's Misha, Brenna, Karol and Brian-- and no matter how the game goes, I'm happiest when I play with them, and I treasure their friendship more than I can express.

Posted July 18, 2013, Updated July 19, 2013