Four out of Five

As 2012 comes to a close, it is time for the traditional retrospective.

I began the year with curling in the O.C. -- and on the best team ever.  It was a tough year for Hot Buttons, partially because my other responsibilities weighed heavily.

September brought us to our second appearance at The Crush -- Wine Country Curling Club.  We had a great 'spiel -- and the best ice ever.

... and at the end of September, my first league playing outside the Orange County Club.  You always learn when you play with different people -- and I enjoyed playing in Hollywood very much.

The Fall/Winter O.C. League has been kind, and we just might score some hardware -- but that will have to wait for 2013.

Just before Christmas, our team (plus a bandit) played at a Drop-in in San Diego.

I have yet to play in San Francisco, and I have yet to play outside California -- or on dedicated ice.

Outside California and Dedicated ice will happen in February 2013 -- or maybe a little earlier.

As the year ends, I need to thank my cousin Janet and my cousin Carolyn for their help -- without them I might not have made it through May 2012 -- and would not have curled during the first half of the year.

Thanks to the best team in Curling: Misha, Brenna and Brian -- and to everyone in the O.C. who plays the greatest sport on ice.

Thank you to my Hollywood team: Debbie, Valerie, Dean and James -- and to everyone at Hollywood, even if Ryan knocked me down.

Thank you Debbie and Pete for your friendship, to Dave and Bill and Pam and Alice and everyone else at Wine Country for putting on a great Bonspiel/Party.  To Chicky for inviting me in February.

Thanks Mark and Brian and Franchesca and everyone who curls in San Diego.

Curlers are just friends you haven't met.

2013 looks busy.  There are four new curling facilities in the U.S.  We have classes planned and a scary number of classes to teach in 2013.

Posted December 27, 2012