Take Out

I have a confession: I am addicted to take-outs.

No, not the ready-to-eat food that you pick up at the local Chinese place.  That's satisfying, but you're hungry again in an hour. 

Done properly, a take-out can materially change the strategy for the rest of an end: the opponents' stone (or stones) that were counting are out of the way -- or their well-placed guards are gone and there is a clear path to the house.

The satisfaction of a good take-out lasts for days.

As a team, we've settled nicely.  Brenna at Lead does a nice job setting up guards.  At Second, I get some more variety in my shots.  Strategy (and last rocks) are left to Brian and Misha, in that order.

Last Saturday was the first night of our Spring 2012 League.  I struggled with delivery last league, and at least so far, I'm playing better after the break. 

As usual, I remember three shots: two consecutive take-outs (the second being better than the first) and another take-out a little later in the game.

I know, I should remember the guards that denied the other team the shots they wanted, but those don't come with a satisfying thwack!

Next game?  Two days and counting!

Posted May 3, 2012