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I've been quiet for a bit again, because sometimes life has a way of distracting you from the things that are really important.

Last Saturday was a bit of a comeback. 

We came up a tiny bit short on players for the last league, and to make everything work, we have one team with two players -- a team that needs at least two subs every single week.

The two permanent players on the team, Carolyn and Paulette, are also playing their first league -- and I've kind-of followed their curling careers from the beginning. 

I remember them in their Learn to Curl classes, and I coached at least once during our four-week beginner's league.

So, on Saturday I subbed on "Sheet Happens" -- their team -- for the first draw.

Sheet 3 has a set of good stones (less than 2 years old, common green ailsite with blue hone insets) and the ice was fast.  Because of how their team is formed, the usual sub rules that substitutes play in the front-end is suspended.  The other sub. was playing his first game, so they asked me to skip.

My only real complaint, Skips have cold feet.  It is fun playing in the back-end once in a while.

I must say I was impressed.  Both ladies threw some beautiful shots, and the results were impressive.  We all threw some poor shots, and sometimes Paulette or Carolyn gave me exactly the shot I wanted, but I simply asked for the wrong shot.

The Curling Gods smiled on our opponents.

Mostly, playing with them reminded me of what it was like for my first league -- and I had regular teammates to help me through.  Teammates who had played before.

They both see what those who curl only see -- the social side of curling is what makes the game so special.

Hopefully, I will have a chance to sub with them again. 

My team played during the late draw.

The rocks on sheet 4 are older, trefor stones that probably need to be resurfaced.  They're slow, and sheet 4 was also slow.

I struggled with weight throughout: that's what happens when you go from throwing very light and still throwing through the house, to throwing a little heavy and just getting across the hog line, but I did manage to help my team, and it was a great game.

We were tied in the middle of the game, and again going into the last end.  We scored a very timely two for our second win this league.

Next week is shake-up week, then playoffs.

Posted November 7, 2011