Broomstacking on steroids

I've made allusions to Broomstacking, but I don't think I've actually talked about it, until now.

Last night we had a choice between playing in a pick-up event at our home club, or travelling to Hollywood Curling and helping with a private event.  I think I have mentioned that the best team in curling (ours) is made up of two USCA certified instructors, and two certified instructors in-waiting.  The paperwork just takes a bit of time to process.

So, given that choice, we went to teach.

Did I mention there was Scotch?

The tradition, going back before 1900, when the backswing delivery was common, curling stones were odd shapes and different weights, and the game was played on natural ice, was to play a few ends, stack up your brooms (so they didn't freeze to the ice) and have a wee dram of something to keep you warm.  As the country in question is Scotland, the wee dram would be Whisky, of course.  Once suitably braced for the harsh winter outdoors, the game continued.

We've got friends in the Hollywood Club.  I'd play there too, but they're 68 miles away -- the farthest of the three SoCal clubs.

The party was an event for the L. A. Scotch club, and Bowmore was there to pour.  As we were there to help put on the event, we got to help with ice prep before we got to taste.

At 8:00, we start teaching.  The formal part of a class is typically an hour and a half, then we get some time to give our students a chance to play.

This wasn't a class, it was a party, so we tore through the fundamentals in a half-hour.  That was followed by a short bonspiel -- one rock per player, one end games, to determine a winner for the event.  The teams were then coached by their instructors.

I had the best students, and it showed in the final outcome.

I'm not allowed to say what the grand prize was, but it was poured in small portions, very old, to be savored.

Then, Broomstacking in earnest.  The gentleman from Bowmore had bottles of just about everything to be tasted and enjoyed.

In addition to Whisky, there is time to talk, and tell stories.  Make new friends.

Thanks to Richard from Hollywood Curling for inviting us, and thanks to Marshall and the L.A. Scotch Club for making us feel welcome.

As I was teaching my students, I told them they were doing great, that none them looked as bad as I did when I threw the Worst Great Shot Ever.  As we're driving home, I find out that at least one of my teammates shared that story with their students. As a team, I think we're still enjoying the afterglow from The Crush, and hanging with Team McCormick.

Posted October 2, 2011