Shoe Repair

A few months after I started Curling, I bought my first pair of Curling shoes -- Balance Plus 200's.

For my non-curling friends, Curling shoes are different.  Not just different from regular shoes, but from each other.

My left shoe is the slider shoe.  It has a slip-over rubber gripper, and a white teflon sole.  The right shoe has a grippy soft rubber sole, and a hard plastic coating on the toe.

I like them, but they haven't worn that well, and the fabric lining on the inside has worn through.  I might have picked different shoes in person, but the closest store is at least 1500 miles away.

Our summer league is over, so I don't need them every week.  I took them to the local shoe store to have them repaired.

I walk in and say "I need to have these fixed."

First thing the repairman says is "How'd you do this to the toe?" -- looking at the right shoe.

"Playing in them" I said.

He said, "ah, these are special shoes.  Are they from the same pair?"

Yes, they are.  I showed him the slider sole, and he said "What's that for?" -- "Sliding on ice" I replied.

He asked if I wanted the slip on gripper permanently attached, and I said "that'd ruin them."

I just need heel inserts on both shoes.

Finally I said "name the sport" and he said "that one with the brooms."


I get my shoes back on Saturday.

Posted September 13, 2011