The Story of the Sandals

Last night was the finals for our 2011 Summer Curling League (we're in Southern California, we don't really have winter), and as usual, there was a raffle and a gift basket to go with the end of the League.

In the gift basket was a pair of flip-flops with a slider on the left one.

The story actually starts two leagues back, with the same idea of a Gift Basket.  Our Secretary kept calling it a "Winter Curling Gift Basket" and I kept hearing "Winter Curling Gift Basket" and thinking "why 'Winter' -- what's special about that."

That got me started thinking "What would be in a Summer Curling Gift Basket" and it was a short step from "Summer Curling" to "slippahs with a slider."

I told Cristi, which is why all of the E-Mail messages to members emphasized "Summer Curling Gift Basket."

Cheap flip-flops are all over the place during the summer.  You can wear them to get across the hot pavement to the beach, and if you lose them, they cost about $2.

Teflon would have been great for the slider material, but it's expensive and a little tricky to glue, so I started looking for an inexpensive substitute.  I found a kitchen cutting board made out of HDPE.

HDPE is hard to glue, but not if you use a hot-glue gun.  It's the same plastic (or close enough).

Shaping the slider was the hard part, and I have a good couple hours sanding and grinding to refine the shape.

... and since there is always pain involved in art, I've got a couple of minor burns from melted plastic.

All of that was worth it.

Congratulations to our Skip, Misha, for winning the gift basket.

Posted September 11, 2011, Updated November 7, 2011