Random Thoughts, Summer's End

Mostly random thoughts this time around...

Last Saturday was "shake-up night" and with that the round-robin is done.  It would have been nice to finish better than 2 and 4, but we still played okay -- and we had an absolute blast.

We saw a lot of different ice.  For our last game, the ice was keen.  We started down by one, and followed with a 3, then 4 to pull out well ahead.  For most of the rest of the game we held our opponents to 1 or 2, then they scored 5 which gave them the lead.

We should not have allowed that, but we're learning.

We still have the best team in the club.  I think we have more fun than anyone else.  We just aren't the best curlers.

I don't want to change a thing, and I don't think anything will change next league.

We're also off to "The Crush" at Wine Country Curling in Vacaville, September 2nd through 4th.  Last year was my first time playing "on the road," first Bonspiel, first time playing on "foreign" ice.

This time will be the first time playing on the road with my regular League team.

The week after is the final night of our current league.

Then we go through a cycle of Learn to Curl events, drop-in curling, and maybe some "beginner" drop-ins.

Next league starts mid-October, and runs through early December.

I had hoped we'd make our way to a couple of Bonspiels, but we'll have to talk about league games vs. hitting the road.  My dream was to make it up to Vancouver for their Harvest 'spiel -- not just dedicated ice, but dedicated Olympic-legacy ice -- and I still want to make it to Seattle, since their Holiday 'spiel falls on my birthday again.

We'll see.

Posted August 17, 2011