League Ends

Last night was the "championship" for our Winter 2011 League.

Needless to say, we weren't in the Championship game, but we were playing for single-digits.

I've mentioned Gail, Gordon, Evan and Eric.  I subbed with them for my first game, we've played them in various Leagues, and Gail and Evan were a big part of my first Bonspiel.

... and Gordon went to Club Nationals with our MOPAC championship team.

I've missed them this league because they were in the other division, and through the round-robin always on the opposite draw.  We met in our final game.

We scored a total of 8 in the first three ends.  They came back with a four, one, and another four to pull ahead, and we managed a two, and then hung on to win.

Our final record, 4 wins, 5 losses, and 9th place.

While we were playing for 9th, the League champions threw a seven, setting the stage for a fairly easy win.

Some of this is arena ice.

The ice last night was incredibly fast.

I've been struggling with weight, and consistently throwing too hard -- to the point that our Skip is trying to call shots through the frosty, slower ice.

I don't think there was any slow ice last night.

Everything being equal, setting your foot higher in the hack throws harder, lower is softer.  With each throw it seems that I moved my foot farther down in the hack, until the ball of my foot was in front of it.  I eased out of the hack instead of really pushing out, and my delivery was still heavy.

More work to do.

Next weekend is the Desert Ice 'spiel, and registration opened, and promptly closed.  I didn't get a spot.

We tried to put things together for the Golden Gate Bonspiel, and it's full.

We're in for The Crush!

Good Curling!

Posted April 10, 2011, Updated July 27, 2011