Starting again

So far this year, I've been able to play exactly once.

January 2nd was supposed to be a drop-in in San Diego, and while I didn't get to actually play, there were 12 prospective new curlers, and we took them from "never curled" to "ready to play."

January 8th was a scheduled Learn to Curl at Orange County Curling, and was very successful with more than 60 students.  This is near the ideal number. 

I taught my group with Misha assisting.  Nobody fell, and all of our students had good form.  A little more time would have been better, but I think they at least enjoyed it.

My one time playing was on the 15th, where I skipped a team -- two players who have been to a drop-in or two, and one right out of a learn to curl.  We played a team from Curl San Diego, and it was one of those "we lost, but we were in it to the last" kind of games.  I only slightly prefer the "we won, but we had to fight them off at the very end" games.  I first met their vice in Vacaville -- and they won, sending us home.  We met next at the Instructors class in Valencia.

While I'd rather play Second, this may have been the first time I was actually mostly comfortable in the position.  Comfortable but cold -- Skips don't sweep much.

January 22nd had more than 70 in attendance.  Again, no one fell (I don't consider tipping over at the end of a delivery "falling") and we won the end-of-class End 3-0.

To retain my instructor certification, I need 15 hours of instruction in the next three years.  I'm at 12 now.

Which brings us to League:

We're up to 12 teams.  Two divisions, with each division alternating "early" (8:45pm) and "late" (10:45pm).  We'll have an open sheet during each draw, and the club will use those for extra practice, drop-ins, "Advanced" Learn-to-Curls, and maybe even a four week beginners league.

That's worth the inconvenience of a late draw once in a while.

Posted January 27, 2011, Updated January 30, 2011