Curling Rocks and Curling Plates

One thing we don't have in Southern California is a lot of Curling clubs.

Sure, they do exist, and our club certainly proves that, but there aren't as many as in Calgary or Vancouver.

So far, my experience is limited to our ice in Westminster, and at "The Crush" in Vacaville.

... and since I was starting to get a bad case of "the shakes" (withdrawal symptoms, I haven't curled in three weeks) I drove down to Escondido for a drop-in last Sunday.

It's Curling, so by definition, it's fun.  This was of course their first event of the New Year, and they had about a dozen people who came out to the drop-in who were first time Curlers.

So, for those twelve, the drop-in turned into a Learn-to-Curl, and I found myself teaching a class rather than playing, but it's all good.

Curling is a challenge.  There is a strong mental aspect (it is after all "chess on ice") and also the physical skills involved in properly delivering the rock and sweeping.

... and of course, the basic skill of not falling down.

Teaching is not a challenge, it's a pleasure.  It's a chance to take something I love and share it with those who haven't tried it before -- and that means nearly everyone outside the club.

This was my first class as a Certified instructor.  The three classes leading up to this one counted toward Certification.  As it works out, half of the classes I've taught since starting certification have been at other clubs.

As you'd expect, we had a great time, with a fun group of students.  I was surprised and very pleased that none of them fell, and all showed potential.

Will they continue?  I hope so.

I came across photos and even a little video from my first encounter with Curling ice, and I did not show good form or stay upright the entire time.

After the class, we went out to the parking lot, where apparently photographing license plates is something of a tradition.

We may be short on places to Curl, but we make that up in enthusiasm.

Tomorrow night is the first Orange County Curling event of 2011, a Learn-to-Curl class  -- and by all indications, we'll have a full-house.

Posted January 7, 2011