A Year in the Life of a Curler

It's New Year's Eve, and I've been reflecting back on the year that was.

January must have been pretty uneventful.

February brought the 2010 Winter Olympics, and MSNBC and CNBC brought us more than 120 hours of Olympic Curling.  Near the end of the Olympic Bonspiel, I saw a small story in the Orange County Register -- February 22nd.  Within hours I'm scheduled for my first lesson, and you'll find that story elsewhere on this site.

My first full match was in April, and League Play started in May.

When one League ended, it was straight into the next.

A break in play lead to my first Bonspiel at Wine Country Curling.

... and our last League of 2010 ended December 18th.

I'd like to say a quick thanks to Cindy for that first Class, and Bob and David for the "refresher."  To Gail, Gordon and Eric for welcoming me for my first full match.

Rink mates David (Guillermo) and Maarten in Spring 2010.  David (Guillermo) and Colin for "Fall" (summer?), and Erin and Brenna for "Winter" (late fall) 2010.

Skip-extraordinaire Misha for all three leagues.

Gail, Evan and Asher for "The Crush" -- and a very memorable Six.  Ken for taking my picture with Debbie McCormick (and for leading the worst rendition of "Happy Birthday" I have ever heard).

Ryan for really good pebble.

Richard for wanting a club in the first place.

It's hard to single out every person I've met through curling to say "thanks" because nearly every single one deserves some notice.

Curlers are just friends I haven't met.

Dan from the Dallas/Ft. Worth club said in E-Mail back in June: "I read thru your story and I must say it sounds similar to me and to others I've run into that discovered curling in their 50's.  Bottom line for most is: WHERE HAS THIS GAME BEEN ALL MY LIFE?  WHY AM I ONLY FINDING IT NOW?  and last but not least  THANK GOODNESS I'VE FOUND IT NOW!!"

2011 will be off to a slow start: no curling until January 2nd.

Posted December 31, 2010, Updated January 7, 2011