Waiting is....

There are interesting contrasts between Curling in warmer places (like Southern California) and Curling where it's cold.

I've read that many Country Clubs in Canada have Curling Ice.  In the summer, they play Golf, and when it gets too cold for Golf they switch to Curling.  As it warms up, they switch from Curling back to Golf.

Around here, we're always in competition for ice time with Hockey and Skating -- but we have ice year-round.  One of my friends usually Curls on Saturday nights, and plays Golf on Sunday.

Our "Winter League" starts this Saturday, October 30th, and runs through December 11th.  Paradoxically, the league will finish before the first day of winter.

I guess we're getting ahead of ourselves, but we're playing more than one league per season, and we were playing when most of the rest of the world was enjoying warm summer days.

During the break between leagues, we've been doing Learn-to-Curl classes, and unfortunately, I missed our drop-in night.

Teaching is fun, it's something I've always enjoyed thoroughly.  It's especially fun when you get to introduce something you truly love to people who have never tried before.

I've got the time in for Level 1 Instructor certification, just pending Basic First-Aid and processing the paperwork.

... and one of my students will be playing in the next league.

Teams reshuffle a bit each time.

David is concentrating on school, so he's sitting this one out.

We have two players joining us, both have played in earlier leagues, so we'll have some experience -- and two Level 1 Instructors-in-waiting.

Can't wait....

Posted October 27, 2010, Updated November 4, 2010