I know I'm still new, and I expect to be learning for quite a while.  One of the best ways to learn is to teach.

So, thanks to the folks at the Hollywood Curling Club I've started on the next step.

There are three levels of Curling Instructor certifications.

Level I is the entry level, and primarily teaches those who might want to enter the sport.

Level II instructors teach advanced classes.

Level III instructors are rare.  I'm told there are two USCA Certified Level III instructors.

So, last Sunday I started the journey to Level I certification. 

I do mean Journey.  Google Maps said the driving time from my house to Ice Station Valencia is an hour and a half.  Google lied.  I left at 2:00pm and arrived just minutes before the 4:00pm class.  I saw some friendly faces, and met new friends, and we spent the next few hours going over the training material.

Next, it was down to the ice to help prepare the arena.  One difference from Orange County: their ice isn't painted.  Part of the time was spent marking the surface of the ice.  They've developed some neat tools (made from PVC pipe!) to mark out the houses very quickly.  Since the marks are on the surface, the next time the Zamboni runs, they're gone.

After the arena was prepared, we met our students, and taught our first "official" Learn-to-Curl class.

Class ended near 11:30pm, and it took a bit for everyone to kind-of drift away.  I was on the road by midnight, and home a little after 1:30am.

I've taught before (I did technical training for a major data-entry company) and while it's always fun, it's even more fun to share something you love with someone new.  I'm looking forward to Saturday and my next "official" class.

Thanks Nick.

Posted October 5, 2010