Crushed (but not when we thought)

I know I promised to post on Sunday, but we were pretty busy on Saturday, and it just took a while.

Our next game was at 1:00 on Saturday.

We drew a local rink from the Wine Country Curling Club, most of them were about as experienced (and about as enthusiastic) as ourselves.

We started off reasonably well, they started off short-handed, with one of their players rushing from work to make the game.

We got some breaks.  We were up four points at the end of the third end.

... and then, a miracle occurred.

We threw a five-ender the day before, and we were pretty happy about that.

The six red stones in the house are ours.  There are no blue stones in the house.

We said to our opponents "we're really sorry, but can we stop for a second and take pictures?"

Credit for this photo goes to our friends from Vacaville, who said "we understand, give us the cameras."

So, maybe, just maybe we were a little bit excited, but hey, we were playing on Sunday Morning!

Our next match was with a team from San Diego and Hollywood, 9:30am Sunday.

We played pretty well, and the first few ends were very even, but they slowly pulled ahead.  When it became clear that we weren't playing in the finals at 2:30pm, we really wanted them to go the rest of the way.  A handshake gave them some extra time.

Team Matthews (our first opponents) went on to win the "Pinot Noir" bracket.

The really important part: we had fun.  I gotta do this again.

Posted September 6, 2010, Updated September 8, 2010