Heading for the Crush.....

This time tomorrow, I will have been "piped" onto the ice in the opening ceremonies, and played my first match at "The Crush" bonspiel.

It's going to be an interesting day.

My best friend works near the airport, and my flight is close to his normal commute, so I'm hitching a ride.

I've got my suitcase packed, and my broom in the case (which should be just under the airline limit, so there are at least two rules that would allow it).  The case with the broom in it looks a little like a rifle case -- do you think they'll mind at the airport?

Tickets are printed, hotel reservations set.

Up at 6:30, in the air by 10:00, Sacramento before Noon, and on the Ice at 3:30.

I'm nearly packed.  Nearly.

Wish me luck.

Posted September 2, 2010