Last night was our fourth game, which is the half-way point.  We're 2 and 2.

For various reasons, we've been playing with a lot of subs.  Thanks Richard for coming down from the Hollywood Club and playing with us last night.  Every time I play with someone different, I learn something.  Heidi talked about timing rocks, and Richard had a stopwatch.

Timing tells you about your weight, and gives valuable hints about the ice and how it changes during the match.  Ice usually gets faster.

Last night, 3 1/2 seconds was pretty good.  We decided later that something around 0.7 seconds was "Maarten weight."

More than anything else, last night was a lot of fun.  We were very evenly matched.  In one end we were counting four, but all of our stones were in the back of the house, and that gave the other team a real advantage.  They took that advantage and ended with three.

We were tied after 7 ends, and had to work for the last end.

Best part of all: I'm getting my weight back.  It's not fun when you throw all your rocks through the house, and I pretty much had tee weight all night.

Next stop: The Crush!

Posted August 29, 2010