How Time Flies

I'm new.

In early February (2010) I was watching (and rooting for) Team USA at the Vancouver Winter Olympics, and looking (again) for an opportunity to try Curling myself.

I found out about the Orange County Curling Club at the end of the Olympic Bonspiel.

Since then, I've taken the introductory "Learn to Curl" class (twice), played in 11 League games, went to watch the "Summer Blockbuster" Bonspiel, and I'm having a great time.

I'm about to play in my first Bonspiel (Curling Tournament).

This is where it gets a little bit strange.

In February, I was cheering for Debbie McCormick and the rest of Team USA.  In September, Debbie McCormick will be playing at The Crush.

Me too.

(Update: just got the schedule -- we'll be playing Friday at 3:30 on sheet 3, Team McCormick is playing at the same time on sheet 5!)

Clearly, I'm having fun.

Posted August 25, 2010, Updated August 27, 2010