The Crush

I'm making plans for my first on-ice appearance at a Bonspeil.

A Bonspeil is a curling tournament.  Unlike league play, you play against people from other clubs, and instead of one game each week, you play several games in a short period.  Most have a "three game guarantee" so we'll play at least three times.

As a brand-new Curler, I visited Hollywood Curling's Summer Blockbuster Bonspeil -- as a spectator.  The Hollywood Club has more than a couple of members involved in Entertainment, which explains the movie references in the rink names, bracket names, and movie posters all over the arena.

Everyone was nice, and everyone wanted to know if I was playing.

The Crush is in Wine Country -- Napa Valley. 

First time travelling with curling gear -- and I've found that all of the commercially available broom bags are just over the airline limits for "oversize." 

Baggage is an issue, oversize doubly so.  I'm having a broom bag custom made by Island Shirts.  I have an "in" with "management."

Hotel Reservations are made, got my plane tickets, and I'm ready.

We also got the new O. C. Curling Fall League schedule, and conveniently, we don't play that weekend.

Posted August 5, 2010