Deja Vu

Tonight I went to a Learn To Curl class, but this time helping instruct the "on-ice" part of the class.

It was fun seeing the class from the other side, not as a student, but as an "experienced" curler -- maybe not "experienced" by Canadian standards, but you get the picture.

In our group, we had three students who were doing the class for the second time, and it reminded me that I also did the class twice.

They told me their story, and it's my story.  It's not feeling quite confident enough to go to a "drop in" curling session.  It's wondering if you're good enough, worrying that you'll embarrass yourself and ruin someone else's game.

The league is even scarier to them. 

I went tonight partially to share stories.  To tell about my experiences, and talk about the opportunities to curl. 

They said "I wish there was practice" and I told them what happens at a drop-in when someone says "I'm new" -- how the players you're with (on both teams) will take the time to coach and not worry about the game.  I've written about some of those drop-in's elsewhere on the site -- it's fun to be part of someone's first full game.

I told them how I worried before the game that I wouldn't reach the house, and how I didn't need to worry.

They worried that they wouldn't be good enough to play, and I told them that they'd fit right in.

I'm looking forward to seeing them on drop-in nights, and hopefully some of them in the League.

They're ready.

Posted July 25, 2010, Updated September 17, 2010