Five down, one to go...

One more league game in front of us, and then we're into the playoffs.

Saturday was an interesting evening.

My great-nephew is graduating from High School -- the same High School his parents graduated from, the same High School his Grandmother (my Sister) graduated from, and the same one his Great Grandmother (our Mom) graduated from -- right here in Orange County, California.

So, my Sister, who now lives in Hawaii is here to visit.  I asked if she'd come and bring Mom since she's interested in my playing.  My brother-in-law came, along with the grandkids from Hawaii -- so the cousins can be at graduation.

My nephew, his wife and younger son wanted to come.

... and one thing lead to another, and Saturday we all went to dinner near Westminster Ice.

We had a nice dinner, and my business partner who suggested the restaurant said "I've got a good luck charm for you."

He went out to the car, and came back with a broom!

Then everyone came to watch the match.

Big night for new equipment -- my shoes came friday, and my new broom.  (and thanks! Gail for the brush.)

Proper curling shoes are different!  The ice was fast (and a little strange).  We've played on sheet 3, and while it's the best sheet if you have visitors to watch, it's also the one closest to the hockey benches, and that means ice that isn't 100% level.

I think I ought to be able to throw tee-weight a little more consistently, but the slider on my shoes seems to glide a whole lot more, and what used to be tee-weight was more like hack-weight.

The broom is also a big change.  It's weighs half what the club brooms weigh (carbon composite), and the head swivels -- you can sweep back and forth really close to the rock.  I saw that demonstrated by one of the Scottish Teams at the bonspeil in Hollywood, and it's impressive.  But it also lead to another first -- my first burned rock.

More than anything else, the Curling Gods smiled on our opponents.  They played really well.

Still, we're coming in to our last game with 4 wins and 1 loss -- and I'm going to try to play tomorrow night just to get a little more time in with the new gear.

... and I'm having way too much fun.

Posted June 22, 2010, Updated July 21, 2010