Another Ice Lesson (and another win)

Last night was our third League game.

We're playing on an arena because that's what's available.  The closest dedicated curling ice is 1200 miles to the north.

I'm told that there was no adult hockey game on Saturday, only some instructional sessions with younger kids, and when they were done, they put down new ice.

We played on the same sheet (#1) that we played on last time, Last time, in the odd numbered ends, the ice was faster on the first half of the sheet, and it was just like someone set the brakes.  You had to throw with a lot of weight.

Last night, both halves of the sheet were the same speed -- fast!

It was way too easy to throw through the house and out of play.

Middle of the match, I started to think my delusions of adequacy weren't so delusional, then my next rock went wide and I was reminded that I'm still very much a beginner.

All said, another fun night.  First time playing with our complete rink (no substitutes).

... and we won. 

Posted June 6, 2010, Updated July 21, 2010