Curling prowess (??)

I haven't written about our matches because I'm not quite sure how to write about them.

I am very much a beginning Curler.  I've been a fan for a long time, so I can follow the strategy.  At the same time, I've now officially thrown 50 rocks, and that isn't much.

At this point, what counts is time on the ice, time delivering rocks, learning how the rocks behave on the ice.

Last night was a lesson in ice:

Until now, all of my matches have been on sheet 2.  It runs right down the middle of the hockey rink, right over the logo at center ice.

We played on sheet 1 last night.  The ice was reasonably quick up to the center, and when the rock got half-way down the sheet it was like someone set the brakes.

In the early ends, a lot of rocks didn't make it to the hog line -- for both rinks -- and were not in play.

As we played, the ice got faster, and everyone started throwing more consistently.

It was also an interesting evening in that we have one experienced player on our rink who is out of the country until our next match.  I've yet to meet him.  The other experienced player wasn't able to make the match, so that left the two new players (myself included) scrambling for subs.  Thanks Bob and Mark for filling in.

At the end, we finished up, 8-2.

I'm playing better, but "good" is still a goal.

The Orange County Curling Club is new, and I've read about similar young clubs all over the country -- in some of the most unlikely places.

If you've given any thought to Curling, these new clubs present a great opportunity.  Everyone is near the same level, and everyone is having a good time learning. 

Check it out.

Posted May 23, 2010, Updated July 21, 2010