Club Scoring

If you watched Curling in the 2010 Winter Olympics, you saw the typical scoreboard used in major events, not the one commonly used in curling clubs.

The club scoreboard is kind-of backwards.  The numbers across the top are the score, and the numbers in the middle represent the end where that team scored.

That works because only one team scores in each end, so if you look at the top rink (team), that team scored three in the first end (that's the one) and in the second row, the other team scored three in the second end.

They scored two (for a total of five) in the third end, and the first team tied it up again in the forth.

The 5th went to the second team (with one) and the top team scored three in the 6th, two in the 7th, and one in the 8th, for a final score of 11 to 6.

... and before I forget, this is the final score from my first league game.  We won, 11 to 6!

(My brother says "looks like 26-10" -- and if this was baseball, that would also mean extra innings.  The innings are points, and the points are ends.)

Then, it was time for the tradition of Broomstacking.  That may or may not be the subject of another post.

Posted May 16, 2010, Updated July 21, 2010