Delivering the stone....

It's two days before my first league game.

I'm mentally ready, I know it's just a matter of getting out there and playing.

I'm okay with a broom, I know the rules fairly well, I just need to work on my delivery.

A lot.

I've been looking around for a copy of the training video, and discovered a lot of video on (big surprise) YouTube.

Most of them show curlers just like me.  Rank novices.

But mixed in with the entertaining but not instructional videos are some incredible clips from here and there from championship matches, well known curlers, and amazing shots.

Debbie McCormick at the 2009 Worlds. 

An amazing shot by Jennifer Jones from the 2005 Tournament of Hearts.

Brad Gushue at the 2007 Hotshots.

These all show top players actually delivering the stone -- I'll add more as I find the ones that show the delivery.

Update: these are all great curlers.

Most of them demonstrate "classic" techniques that involve swinging the stone and setting it onto the ice.  We don't lift the stone during delivery, and it isn't taught anywhere that I'm aware of.  Better (faster) ice means the extra power just isn't needed.

Posted May 13, 2010, Updated February 15, 2011