Places to Curl (where it's warm)

Curling is enjoying a huge surge in popularity -- and as I look around the net, I find lots of people asking "where can I go to Curl?"  (In person, I find people ask "Curling?  Really?")

Orange County Curling is based at Westminster Ice, just 20 miles from home.  You can visit them at

They're the new club in SoCal.

For those in Los Angeles, Hollywood Curling is in Panorama City, California.

To the south, visit Curl San Diego.

I've not visited either, since they're more than an hour's drive (in opposite directions) from where I live.

All of these clubs have open houses and learn to curl classes.  I've described the classes in other posts, and I suspect that all of these follow the same basic pattern from USA Curling.

... and that's about it for Southern California -- better known for palm trees and sunny beaches.

Beyond that, check the U.S. Curling Association site, and your favorite search engine.

Also, watch the news.  Never know what might turn up.

Posted May 13, 2010, Updated February 15, 2011